Local Packet BBS Nodes and Info

51.160 WB4IUY-7 Youngsville BBS Node
145.01 W4RAL-6 Clayton BBS Node
145.01 W4RAL-5 Rolesville BBS Node
145.03 WB4IUY-7 Youngsville BBS Node
145.03 K2IMO-1 Wilson BBS
145.03 K2IMO Wilson BBS Node
147.54 W4RAL-5 Rolesville BBS Node
147.54 W4RAL-7 Zebulon BBS Node
147.54 W4RAL Rolesville BBS
223.7 W4RAL Rolesville BBS
223.7 WB4IUY-7 Rolesville BBS Node
441.0 W4RAL-5 Rolesville BBS Node

NC Packet BBS Activity Listing

[bullet] Note: Below info is beleived to be fairly accurate, but please send updates or corrections to me via the BBS System at WB4IUY@WB4IUY.#RTP.NC.USA.NOAM, on the Wilson local BBS at WB4IUY@K2IMO, or via internet at webmaster@teara.org. This is a modified version of various lists assembled by KD4CPL, KN4AQ, WB4WOR, WD4JPQ, and others. If you've been involved in this, please drop me a line and fill me in. I simply decided to pick the ball up and get it rolling again. I'd like to correct these entries and add packet info for the entire state of NC.

  • BBS = The NETWORKED international BBS system
  • Local BBS = Localized, not linked beyond that system
  • Node = Used to "hop" to another node or to a BBS port
  • BPQ = This is an interesting variation on a node. It is controlled by software called BPQ (named after the author's callsign suffix). It has the ability, by utilizing a computer, to act as a "software gateway". Often, several nodes are interconnected by BPQ to emulate a multi-frequency node...allowing users to jump from one frequency and/or baud rate to another. Very cool! This is also known as a BPQ Switch.

  • Backbone = Used by the BBS's to pass info to other BBS's (not users)
  • LAN = Local Area Network. It is designed for user access by hams in the LOCAL area.

  • WAN = Wide Area Network
  • Gate = Gateway, allows users to pass from one frequency to another, sometimes even changing baud rate.

[bullet]A note to remember: When messages are to be sent to someone over the BBS system, simply connect to the nearest BBS that is part of the network and let the BBS network do the rest for you. It is quite possible for a user to manually route through half a dozen unecessary nodes to get to the same place, when nodes will do the routing automatically. It can also become overwhelming to users, since the list you see below indicates there are multiple hops to any given location. The network uses a system whereby paths to all other sites are memorized and may change from time to time depending on propogation, etc. The packet radio network is pretty darn smart!

Freq    City            Call    Alias   Type of System          Speed
----    ----            ----    -----   --------------          -----
 28.185 Locust          KC4FWC-1 Locust Node/BPQ Switch         1200
 51.16  Locust          W4DEX-2         Mbox                    1200
 51.16  Locust          KC4FWC-1 Locust Node/BPQ Switch         1200
 51.16  Youngsville     WB4IUY-1        Mbox                    1200
 51.16  Youngsville     WB4IUY-7        Node                    1200
 51.16  Youngsville     WB4IUY-3        Gate to 223.7    1200<=>9600
144.99  Monroe          N4ZVN    UCARS  BBS                     1200
144.99  Wilmington      KD4JRX-4 WXBBS  BBS                     1200
145.01  Asheboro        KJ4AV-1  ASHB   Node                    1200
145.01  Carthage        N4UGM-1         LAN/Node                1200
145.01  Charlotte       W4BFB-1  NCCLT  Backbone                1200
145.01  Clayton         W4RAL-4  CLANC  Node                    1200
145.01  Discovery Place W4BFB-10        Mailbox                 1200
145.01  Elizabeth City  N4QLD    QLDBBS BBS                     1200
145.01  Elizabeth City  WA4VTX-1 ECITY  LAN                     1200
145.01  Fayetteville    KD4GAA-6 FAYNC  BBS                     1200  
145.01  Fayetteville    KD4GAA-4 FAYLNK Node                    1200
145.01  Goldsboro       WD4JPQ-2 GSB    LAN                     1200
145.01  Greensboro      KE4YVL   GSOBBS BBS                     1200
145.01  Greensboro      WR4BEG-1 NCGSO  Backbone                1200 
145.01  Greenville      WD4JPQ-3 PGV    LAN                     1200
145.01  Hendersonville  WA4KNI-1 BRA    Backbone/Node           1200
145.01  Hendersonville  K4QC-1   HVLNC  BPQ                     1200
145.01  Hickory         KD4OM-1  NCHKY  Backbone/Node           1200
145.01  Kannapolis      KE4JNO-7 NCKAN  Backbone                1200
145.01  Liberty         WR4BEG-1        Node                    1200
145.01  Locust          KC4FWC-1 Locust Node/BPQ Switch         1200
145.01  Nashville, NC   N2BT-1   RWI    Backbone/Node           1200
145.01  New Bern        WA3JPY-7 EWNBBS BBS                     1200
145.01  New Bern        WA3JPY-1 EWN    LAN                     1200
145.01  Newton          AE4NH-1  LT1MTN Backbone                1200
145.01  Rockingham      KA1PEP   BBSPEP BBS                     1200
145.01  Rocky Mount     WF2G-1   RWI    LAN                     1200
145.01  Rolesville      W4RAL-5  EWNC   Node (multi-port)       1200
145.01  Stedman         kd4gaa-6        Node                    1200
145.01  Winnabow        KM4EO-1  NCILM  Backbone                1200
145.01  Winston/Salem   KQ4LO    WSBBS  LAN                     1200
145.01  Winterville     WD4JPQ-6 PGVBBS BBS                     1200
145.01  Winterville     WD4JPQ-1 DXPGV  LAN                     1200
145.03  Stedman         KE4EOY-7 STDMAN Node                    1200
145.03  Thomasville     K4AZA-2  WXN    LAN                     1200
145.03  West Jefferson  W4YSB-7         NODE                    1200
145.03  Wilson          K2IMO-1         Local Area BBS          1200
145.03  Zebulon         WB4IUY-1        Mbox                    1200
145.03  Zebulon         WB4IUY-7        Node                    1200
145.05  Charlotte       W4BFB-6  CLOVER LAN                     1200
145.05  Charlotte       W4BFB-5  CLT    LAN                     1200
145.05  Charlotte       W4BFB    CLTBBS BBS                     1200
145.05  Charlotte       KC4YOS          LAN                     1200
145.05  Charlotte       W4CQ            LAN                     1200
145.05  Jefferson       KD4AWV-5 PHXMTN LAN/Node                1200
145.05  Wilkesboro      N4AGN    WILBBS BBS  (Fancy Gap)        1200
145.05  Wilkesboro      N4AGN    GAPVHF LAN  (Fancy Gap)        1200 
145.07  Bessemer City   KC4TUM   WIGBBS BBS                     1200
145.07  Bessemer City   KC4TUM-9 DITTO  NODE                    1200  
145.07  Gastonia        WB4KDF-7 GASTON LAN/Node                1200
145.07  Goldsboro       KE4CLU-2        BBS                     1200
145.07  Kings Mountain  WB4FUT-7 KMT07  LAN/Node                1200 
145.07  Kings Mountain  KF4LQT-9 USMC71 Node                    1200
145.07  Lincolnton      AD4LI-9  LINC   Node                    1200
145.07  Reidsville      K4YEC-3  RVNC07 LAN                     1200
145.07  Salisbury       W4HG-7   SAL07  LAN                     1200
145.07  Wake Forest     KB5AG-1         Mbox                    1200
145.07  Wake Forest     KD4BFN-1        Mbox                    1200
145.07  Wake Forest     KE4AKD-4        Mbox                    1200
145.07  Wake Forest     AE4XJ-3         Mbox                    1200
145.09  Greensboro      KD4VGQ-7 GREEN  LAN                     1200
145.09  King            KQ4LO    STKBBS BBS                     1200
145.09  Pittsboro       KD4JFN-3 PTB09  Node                    1200
145.09  Roanoke Rapids  N4WFU-1  RRNC   Backbone                1200
145.09  Sauratown Mtn.  KQ4LO-9  STK09  LAN                     1200
145.09  Taylorsville    W2FWD    TVLBBS BBS                     1200
145.57  Nashville, NC   N2BT-3   RWILAN LAN/BBS                 1200
145.61  Boone           KS4AS-1  BOONE  LAN                     1200
145.61  Taylorsville    W2FWD    TVLBBS BBS                     1200
145.63  Brevard         K4HXZ-1  TCARC  LAN/Node                1200
145.63  Hendersonville  K4QC     HVLBBS BBS                     1200
145.63  Hendersonville  K4QC-1   HVLNC  BPQ                     1200
145.63  Hendersonville  W4YK-1   BRARC  LAN/Node                1200
145.63  New Bern        WA3JPY-2 EWNLAN LAN                     1200
145.63  New Bern        WA3JPY-7 EWNBBS BBS                     1200
145.65  Greensboro      KD4VGQ-6 GSOLAN LAN                     1200
145.65  Greensboro      WR4BEG-5 GSOBBS BBS                     1200
145.65  Kannapolis      KE4JNO-5 KANNAP BBS                     1200
145.65  Morehead City   WA3JPY-3 MRHLAN LAN                     1200
145.65  Newton          AE4NH    BB1NWT LAN                     1200
145.67  Concord         K4CEB-1  CON    LAN                     1200
145.69  Frankliln,VA    N4WFU-6  FKN    LAN                     1200
145.69  Locust          KC4FWC-1 LOCUST LAN                     1200
145.69  Locust          KC4FWC-5 QSO    Node                    1200
145.69  Winnabow        KM4EO-2  ILMBBS BBS                     1200
145.69  Winnabow        KM4EO-3  ILMLAN LAN                     1200
145.71  Buxton          K4USB    HAT    LAN                     1200
145.71  Dobson          WB4TSK   SCCBBS BBS                     1200
145.71  Elizabeth City  N4QLD    QLDBBS BBS                     1200
145.71  Elizabeth City  WA4VTX-2 ECLAN  LAN                     1200
145.71  Nags Head       KE4ZTD   DARE   LAN                     1200
145.71  Winston-Salem   KQ4LO    WSBBS  BBS                     1200
145.71  Winston-Salem   W4RXG-B  INTBBS BBS                     1200
145.71  Winston-Salem   W4RXG-N         LAN                     1200
145.71  Yadkinville     N4VRD-7  YAD71  LAN                     1200
145.73  Asheville       N4AA?    WNCBBS BBS                     1200
145.73  Durham          WR4AGC-1 DURBBS BBS                     1200
145.73  Durham          WR4AGC-2 DFMA (or DUR73, port 1)        1200
145.73  Pittsboro       WD4INE-7 PTB-73 LAN                     1200
145.75  Carthage        WA4IVX-5 CART   LAN                     1200
145.75  Laurinburg      WB4GBM-5 LNC    LAN                     1200 
145.75  Lindon          KN4ZZ-5  NORTH  LAN                     1200
145.75  Stedman         KD4GAA-5 FAYLAN LAN                     1200
147.48  Hamlet          W4DEX-4  HLT96  Backbone                9600
147.48  Jacksonville    WA3JPY-6 #JAXHS Backbone                9600
147.48  Locust          KC4FWC-1 LOCUST Backbone                9600
147.48  New Bern        WA3JPY-5 EWNHS  Backbone                9600
147.48  Rockingham      KA1PEP-1 #ROCK  Backbone                9600
147.48  Sauratown Mtn   KQ4LO-5  #STKHS Backbone                9600
147.48  Stedman         KD4GAA-7 FAY96  Backbone                9600
147.48  Tobermory       W4DEX-1  TOB96  Backbone                9600
147.48  Winnabow        KM4EO-4  ILMHS  Backbone                9600
147.48  Winston/Salem   KQ4LO    WSBBS  Backbone                9600
147.51  Morehead City   WA3JPY-4 MRHHS  LAN                     1200 
147.51  New Bern        WA3JPY-5 EWNHS  LAN                     1200
147.51  New Bern        WA3JPY-7 EWNBBS BBS                     1200
147.54  Cary            N4AJF-2  CNCLAN Node                    1200
147.54  Holly Springs   KB4LFH-2 TCPBBS BBS                     1200
147.54  Roanoke Rapids  N4WFU-2  RRLAN  LAN                     1200
147.54  Rolesville      W4RAL    EWBBS  BBS (user port)         1200
147.54  Rolesville      W4RAL-5  EWNC   Node/BPQ Switch         1200
147.54  Zebulon         W4RAL-7  EWLAN  LAN                     1200
223.40  Charlotte       W4BFB-9  CLTBBS BBS                     1200
223.40  Locust          KC4FWC-1 LOCUST Backbone                1200 
223.46  Charlotte       W4BFB-7  CLT220 Backbone                1200
223.46  Gastonia        WB4KDF-2 #GAS22 Backbone                1200
223.46  Hendersonville  K4QC-1   HVLNC  BPQ                     1200
223.46  Hendersonville  K4QC-2   #HVL22 Backbone/Node           1200  
223.46  Newton          AE4NH-1  LT1MTN Backbone                1200
223.46  Taylorsville    W2FWD    TVL    Backbone                1200
223.70  Rolesville      W4RAL    EWBBS  BBS (user port on 220!) 9600
223.70  Rolesville      W4RAL-5  EWNC   Node (multi-port)       9600
223.70  Zebulon         WB4IUY-3        Gate to 145.03    9600=>1200
223.70  Zebulon         WB4IUY-7        Node                    9600
430.55  Charlotte       W4BFB-15 #CLT96 Backbone                9600
430.55  Charlotte       W4BFB    CLTBBS BBS                     9600
430.55  Greenville      WD4JPQ-7 PGVHS  Backbone                9600
430.55  Jacksonville    WA3JPY-6 #JAXHS Backbone                9600
430.55  Morehead City   WA3JPY-4 MRHHS  Backbone                9600
430.55  New Bern        WA3JPY-5 EWNHS  Backbone                9600
430.55  New Bern        WA3JPY-7 EWNBBS BBS                     9600
430.55  Winterville     WD4JPQ-8 PGVHS1 Backbone                9600
430.55  Winterville     WD4JPQ-6 PGVBBS Backbone                9600
440.05  Cary            N4AJF-4  CNCL96 Backbone                9600
440.25  Roanoke Rapids  N4WFU-3  RZZ    BackbNne to RWIHS       9600
440.25  Nashville, NC   N4WFU-11 RWIHS  Backbone to RZZ &       9600
                                        PGVHS1 (Greenville)
440.25  variable qth    N4WFU-13  #RZZ  backup backbone used    9600
                                        as needed.
440.25  Winterville     WD4JPQ-? PGVHS-1Backbone                9600
441.00  Durham          WR4AGC-3 DFMA(port 2,backbone to W4RAL) 9600
441.00  Cary            N4AJF-2  CNCLAN Backbone                9600
441.00  Hendersonville  K4QC-1   HVLNC  BPQ                     9600
441.00  Hendersonville  K4QC-4   #HVL44 Backbone/Node           9600
441.00  Rolesville      W4RAL-5  EWNC   Backbone                9600
445.25  Franklin, VA    N4WFU-5  FKNHS  Backbone to RZZHS &     19200
                                        SEVA (Suffolk, VA) 
445.25  Roanoke Rapids  N4WFU-4  RZZHS  Backbone to FKNHS &     19200
445.25  Roaonke Rapids  N4WFU-7  WFUNDS G8BPQ node              19200
445.25  Roanoke Rapids  N4WFU-14 #RZZHS Backbone to RZZHS       19200
446.50  Charlotte       W4BFB-9  CLTBBS BBS                     1200
446.50  Charlotte       W4BFB-11 #CLT44 Backbone                1200
446.50  Charlotte       W4BFB-14 CLT440 Backbone                1200
446.50  Dobson          WB4TSK   SCCBBS Backbone                1200
446.50  Kannapolis      KE4JNO-6 KANUHF Backbone                1200
446.50  Locust          KC4FWC-1 LOCUST Backbone                1200
446.50  Monroe          N4ZVN    UCARS  Backbone                1200
446.50  Newton          AE4NH-1  LT1MTN Backbone                1200
446.50  Sauratown Mtn   KQ4LO-6  STKUHF Backbone                1200
446.50  Taylorsville    W2FWD    TVL    Backbone                1200
446.50  Winston-Salem   KQ4LO    Backup link to Sauratown Mtn.  1200

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