Tower Party at Tom W4SIS's

His conversion from Big gun, to SHOTGUN

Tom W4SIS is an amateur of many years, active in several local organizations, and a DX nut!

On Saturday, August 23 1997, a gang of Tom's friends and local DXer's descended upon his home to help he and James KI4PL Install his new Mosley Classis 36. The Classic 36 is a large antenna, and takes a few hands to keep it in control on the way up.

I'll probably miss a few names involved with this. If so, please let me know and I'll make the necessary corrections. Those present were: Len W4WDN, Ed KD6IET, Dianne KE4VNX, Jim AE4XQ, Smitty KE4AH, Tom W4SIS, James KI4PL, Jay KQ4MS and his som Ben, Ken KO4CW, Dave WB4IUY, and Steve KD4WIW.

The following is a collage of digital images I took with Steve KD4WIW's digital camera while watching the deed at hand. Follow the menu on the left by simply clicking the buttons and awaiting for each image to load. I laid them out like this to speed page loading, since multiple pictures often have problems loading simultaneously. Many of the pictures have had unnecessary info cropped out of the image to reduce file size, but a few were just too good to chop for those, I added a button so you could view the whole image, if you wish to wait for it to load.

Some images may be full page size, so to return to your menu and continue after viewing a large image, simply click your "BACK" button. If you have problems viewing anything, please drop me a note at Enjoy!